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Brno, the Czech Republic‘s second largest city, has a population of nearly 405,000 people. It lies in the central part of Europe and within its two hundred-kilometre radius there are other important European capitals: Prague, Vienna and Bratislava.
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Brno is situated in the central part of Europe, in the Czech Republic. Brno is an administrative and cultural centre of the South Moravian Region and the second largest city of the Czech Republic (Prague is the first one). More information

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BEST WESTERN PREMIER Hotel International Brno
Husova 16, 659 21 Brno, Czech Republic

BEST WESTERN PREMIER Hotel International Brno is a luxury four-star hotel situated beneath Špilberk Castle. More information

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic, in Czech - Česká republika, short form - Česko is a landlocked country in Central Europe. The country is bordered by Poland to the north, Germany to the west, Austria to the south and Slovakia to the east. The Czech Rebublic includes the historical territories of Bohemia and Moravia and a small part of Silesia.  
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