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EC-10: Guidelines and evidence-based medicine in EMG

Date: Wednesday, September 30, 2015

In the electrodiagnostic evaluation of patients with neuromuscular disorders there is a great variation in techniques and interpretations between laboratories, and the medical technology assessment is neither much used in electrodiagnostic medicine nor in general. The existing evidence-based studies of the utility of EMG are sparse, and international consensus guidelines for electrodiagnostic medicine in patients with neuromuscular disorders are needed. This session will cover the current status on guidelines for electrodiagnosis of neuromuscular disorders and indicate the need for further development of guidelines and evidence-based medicine in EMG.

Chairperson: A. Fuglsang-Frederiksen

H. Tankisi: Variation in EMG between laboratories
M. de Carvalho: Utility of EMG in neuromuscular disorders
A. Fuglsang-Frederiksen: Status on guidelines in electrodiagnostic medicine