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September 30, 2015

PS-01-01 Neurophysiology of brain and mind
Chairs: R. Rosipal, M. Balconi


ID 27 - Resting lateralized activity (fNIRS) predicts the cortical response to emotions
Michela Balconi

ID 32 - Mild network activation by orexin-A avoids hyper excitability in input deprived cortical networks
Joost le Feber

ID 46 - Human and animal-directed empathy during social interactions: a multi-method approach with hemodynamic (fNIRS), electrocortical (EEG) and autonomic measures
Maria Elide Vanutelli

ID 82 - Oscillatory activity in nonspecific nuclei of human thalamus during motor and cognitive tasks
Uliya Semenova

ID 88 - anterior thalamus in cognition: an intracerebral recording study
Klára Štillová

 ID 158 - Emotional modulation of EEG rhythms in unipolar vs bipolar depression during unconscious cue-picture association
Elena Mnatsakanian 

ID 265 - Hand flexor and extensor muscles cortical representations during motor imagery: topographic and neurophysiological differences
Roman Lyukmanov

ID 277 - The effects of BDNF Val66Met polymorphism on motor learning studied electrophysiologically by sensory-motor integration
Sule Deveci

ID 306 - Mirror-box Training in Healthy Subjects and a Patient with Hemiparesis
Roman Rosipal

ID 319 - Is the presence of late evoked potentials (N100 wave) a good predictor of survival in comatose patients?
Sabrine Souci

ID 370 - Impaired central processing in pain perception in a patient with insensitivity to pain; evaluation by laser-evoked potential and pain PET
Masako Kinoshita

ID 395 - Effect of transcranial direct stimulation on pseudo-neglect in healthy subjects: results of a pilot study
Róbert Csadi

PS-01-02 Novel diagnostic neurophysiological methods
Chairs: C. Moore, J. Valls-Sole


ID 6 - A new method for performing vibratory evoked potentials
Magdalena Krbot Skoric

ID 10 - a novel electrophysiological method in the diagnosis of pudendal neuropathy: position related changes in pudendal sensory evoked potentials
Burcu Ormeci

ID 43 - Emotional appraisal and psychophysiological responsivity in psychogenic syncope
Davide Crivelli

ID 133 - Flash ERG and VEP – Comparison of Stimulation by LED and Xenon Lamp
Serkan Aksu

ID 145 - NeuroTrend: Prospective validation of rhythmic and periodic pattern detection method for Scalp EEG
Ana Magdalena Skupch

ID 195 - A somatosensory evoked magnetic field study on textural processing using a novel textural stimulator
Koichi Hagiwara

ID 214 - Optical Coherence Tomography and Multifocal Visual Evoked Potentials usefulness to detect visual pathway abnormalities in clinical practice
Simone Guerrieri

ID 254 - Validation of a method for deriving motor evoked potentials of the diaphragm muscle after transcranial and cervical magnetic stimulation
Arwin Ansari

ID 275 - OCT and VEP in Multiple Sclerosis: sensitivity and predictive value
Giovanni Di Maggio

ID 299 - Retinal involvement in fronto-temporal dementia: role of optical coherence tomography and clinical implications
Laura Ferrari

ID 324 - Reproducibility of QST protocol
Iva Šrotová

ID 336 - Most of the QST methods show excellent diagnostic validity in discrimination of diabetic neuropathy patients and healthy controls
Soňa Kincová

ID 363 - Development of novel paradigms for social neuroscience - ongoing bilateral project
Zdeněk Krpoun

ID 385 - Temperature dependent changes in HCN channel current (Ih) in human motor axons of different threshold. Implications for generation of febrile seizures
Christopher Moore

ID 390 - Association between intraepidermal nerve fiber density and quantitative sensory testing in the patients with possible small fiber neuropathy
Maria Nebuchennykh

ID 396 - On the relationship between inter saccadic interval and object velocity in a reaching movement task
Ovidiu Constantin Banea

PS-01-03 Neurophysiology of normal and pathological development
Chairs: E. Minks, J. Leote


ID 51 - Correlation between abnormal brain excitability, anger management and anxiety in migraine children
Stefano Prod

ID 96 - Spatial attention effect on SEP components differentiates migraine children with imploding pain from those with exploding pain
Elisa Iacovelli

ID 130 - Motor cortical alterations in children with Asperger’s syndrome studied with navigated TMS
Laura Säisänen

ID 224 - Patterns of thalamic oscillatory activity in patients with parkinsonian tremor and essential tremor
Ping Zhuang

ID 234 - Brain network analysis of EEG functional connectivity in patients with benign childhood epilepsy with centro-temporal spikes
Azeez Ayodeji Adebimpe

ID 255 - Axonal excitability recovery in double peak sensory nerve action potentials
Joao Leote

ID 311 - Do The Motor Unite Potentials Properties Change With Recording From Near Tendon?
Elif Kocasoy Orhan

ID 424 - Laser evoked potentials habituation and central sensitization symptoms in childhood migraine
Eleonora Vecchio

PS-01-04 Case reports
Chairs: I. Štětkářová, V. Drory


ID 21 - Riche-Cannieu anastomosis: A case report
Eren Gozke

ID 79 - The usefulness of miotatic electronic reflex (T-reflex) in early stages of Guillain Barre syndrome. A case report
Alvarez-Paradelo Silvia

ID 102 - Moscow's 15 years of experience in mobile neurophysiologic assessment
Mikhail Sinkin

ID 140 - Left-side asymmetry in cortical and spinal inhibitory circuits in stiff-person syndrome: a case report
Vaclav Bocek

ID 159 - Madelung´s disease. A case report
Nerea Ausin

ID 199 - Demographic and Electrophysiological pattern in Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyradiculoneuropathy among Iranian patients referred to Iran University of Medical sciences
Bahram Haghi Ashtiani

ID 210 - Overlapping respiratory neuromuscular dysfunction in a case of Lambert-Eaton syndrome
Miguel Angel Merino-Ramirez

ID 287 - Sensory feedback generated by intraneural electrical stimulation of peripheral nerves drives cortical reorganization and relieves phantom limb pain: a case study
Giuseppe Granata

ID 347 - Facial myokymia in devic disease
Maria Concepcion Maeztu

ID 364 - Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) in hypoxic brain injury due to acute carbon monoxide poisoning: Case Report
Adel Marei

ID 366 - Cerebral venous thrombosis (CVT) in a female patient with severe Obstructive sleep apnea (OSAS): Case presentation
Hebatallah Rashed

ID 407 - Treatment of CIDP with Autologous Stem Cells Transplantation- a Case Report
Rudolf Kotas

ID 408 - Meralgia paresthetica after the fragmentation of a renal stone using ESWL metod: A Case Report
Umit Hidir Ulas

ID 411 - Diffuse hyperpathia in a case of Wernicke's-like encephalopathy
Alberto Addis

ID 426 - Nightmares as form of manifestation of brainstem glioma
Nuria Álvarez López-Herrero

ID 429 - Clinical and electrophysiological follow-up study of a patient with congenital myasthenic syndrome (CMS) associated with mutations in the gen of the agrin (AGRN)
Jose M. Fernandez

ID 516 - Simultaneous occurence of myaesthenia gravis and polymyositis in a patient - Clinical and electrophysiological features
Ashish Garg

PS-01-05 Varia
Chairs: A. Damborská, M. Habek


ID 5 - Head-up tilt table test in differentiating neuropathic from hyperadrenergic type of postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS)
Mario Habek

ID 29 - Focal lesion on the hand knob re-localizes motor function laterally compared to the unaffected hemisphere
Elisa Kallioniemi

ID 35 - Ultrasound elastography of muscles in healthy subjects- reproducibility study
Maria Thelin Johansson

ID 40 - Successive synaptic and membrane failure depend on depth and duration of hypoxia in an vitro model of the ischemic penumbra
Jeannette Hofmeijer

ID 108 - Reproducibility of short interval intracortical inhibition using threshold-tracking
Gintaute Samusyte

ID 157 - EEG source monitoring of alfa activity during qi gong practice
David Pánek

ID 179 - Alpha-synuclein accumulation induced changes in white and gray matter detected by diffusion kurtosis imaging in TNWT-61 mouse model of Parkinson’s disease
Amit Khairnar

ID 192 - Orthostatic tremor: a spectrum of fast and slow frequencies or distinct entities?
Heather Rigby

ID 267 - Vestibulo-masseteric Reflex and Acoustic-masseteric Reflex: normative values
Giovanna Pilurzi

ID 283 - EEG markers of motor activity in physiological aging and Alzheimer’s disease mouse models
Susanna Lopez

ID 368 - Regional changes in detrend fluctuation analysis exponent values in healthy subjects
Leon James

ID 403 - Fronto-parietal changes in oscillatory activity reflects spike-timing-dependent plasticity
Elias Casula

ID 452 - Sympathetic skin response in stroke patients
Hacer Erdem Tilki

ID 454 - Somatosensory evoked potentials in pathological autorhythmicity detection in patients with chronic myofascial pain
Alexander Ovchinnikov

October 1, 2015

PS-02-01 Neurological  and psychiatric  diseases I
Chairs: T. Gescheidt, F. Vecchio


ID 16 - Impulse Control Disorders in young-onset patients with Parkinson’s Disease: cross-sectional study seeking associated factors with regard of personal characteristics
Tomáš Gescheidt

ID 25 - Changes of cardiac autonomic nervous activity during a course of electroconvulsive therapy in depression
Yoko Suzuki

ID 66 - Effect of a medical food on macroscopic brain activity in mild Alzheimer’s disease: results from an exploratory double blind, randomised controlled magnetoencephalography study
Elisabeth van Straaten

ID 94 - CLINICALLY ISOLATED SYNDROME (CIS): measure of axonal status
Victoria Fernandez Sanchez

 ID 110 - Sensory-motor networks’ topology in multiple sclerosis fatigue 
Camillo Porcaro

 ID 138 - Differentiation of attention network deficits in mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease by means of auditory oddball fMRI responses 
Moataz Assem

ID 208 - Orienting network dysfunction in progressive multiple sclerosis
Moussa Chalah

ID 221 - Disturbed eye movement control in Parkinson's disease correlates with intrinsic functional connectivity within cortical networks
Martin Gorges

ID 249 - Corrupted fractal organization of EEG topographical fluctuations predict disease state in minimally disabled multiple sclerosis patients
Markus Gschwind

ID 288 - Nociceptive flexion reflex responses in idiopathic Parkinson’ patients with pain
Melis Sohtaoglu Sevindik

ID  292 - Attention modulation during motor preparation in elderly subjects, freezers and non-freezers patients with Parkinson's disease: A time-frequency EEG study
Céline Tard

ID 305 - Effect of levodopa on resting state functional connectivity in Parkinson's disease: A partial least squares correlation study
Martin Gajdoš

ID 315 - Altered default mode network connectivity during visual processing in patients with mild cognitive impairment (an fMRI study)
Lenka Krajcovicova

ID 388 - Dynamic alterations of brain network oscillations in a Tau seeding mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease
Abdallah Ahnaou

ID 522 - Neural substrates of cognitive and affective perspective-taking in schizophrenia: a meta-analysis
Martin Jáni

PS-02-02 Functional and multimodal brain imaging
Chairs: P. Hluštík


ID 13 - Motor cortex connectivity in cervical dystonia: An fMRI study
Pavel Filip

ID 30 - Influence of M1 hand knob ischemic stroke on motor activation: An fMRI study in chronic stage
Elisa Kallioniemi

ID 45 - Central and autonomic activity during emotion processing: a multi-method approach with hemodynamic (fNIRS), electrocortical (EEG) and autonomic measures
Maria Elide Vanutelli

ID 65 - Magnetoencephalography (MEG) and Diffusion Tensor Magnetic Resonance Imaging (DTI) of functional and effective brain connectivity in Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
Rafal Nowak

ID 73 - Cortical parcellation based on local neuronal electrical activity
Carlo Cottone

ID 99 - Functional connectivity study on repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation for central post-stroke pain 
Koichi Hosomi

ID 139 - Our experience of the comparative fmri resting state (RS) analysis in normal subjects and patients with severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) according the algorithm of independent components analysis (ICA)
Alexey Gavron

ID 231 - Multicentric structural connectome analysis in 240 patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Jan Kassubek

ID 282 - A novel cognitive fMRI task to assess brain mechanisms underlying visual processing and attention
Nela Elfmarková

ID 312 - Sensorimotor modulation by botulinum Toxin A in Post-Stroke Arm Spasticity: Passive Hand Movement
Pavel Hok

ID 328 - Anxiety-related increase of functional connectivity in the ventromedial prefrontal network in Parkinson’s disease
Filip Růžička

ID 334 - The effect of whole-hand subsensory electrical stimulation on sensorimotor brain network activation
Blaž Koritnik

ID 379 - Individual operculo-insular responses to painful heat and non-painful heat stimulations with 3Tesla-fMRI
Louise Moniod

ID 381 - Functional neuroimaging study of patients with disorders of consciousness. Value of default mode network (DMN)
Liudmila Legostaeva

PS-02-03 Neurostimulation (invasive and non-invasive) I
Chairs: R. Jech, M. Alegre


ID 12 - Cortical recovery from primary motor cortex (stroke) infarction evaluated at chronic stage
Petro Julkunen

ID 28 - Approach-Attitude and rTMs on left DLPFC affect emotional face recognition and facial feedback (EMG)
Michela Balconi

ID 39 - Oscillatory activity in the human subthalamic nucleus during spontaneous blinking
Manuel Alegre

ID 77 - Confounding effect of age on verbal fluency after deep brain stimulation to the subthalamic nucleus (DBS-STN) in Parkinson’s disease
Vitalii Cozac

ID 83 - Burst activity features of relay thalamic nuclei in patients with spasmodic torticollis
Dmitry Devetiarov

ID 100 - Chronic post stroke central pain: Increased success rate of chronic epidural motor cortex stimulation using somatotopic, navigated repetitive TMS for patient selection and implant placement
Magnus  Thordstein

ID 150 - STN neuron activity in patients carrying the R1441G mutation in the leucine-rich repeat kinase-2 (LRRK2) gene
Jose Angel Ruiz-Ortega

ID 152 - Paired pulse TMS-EMG and TMS-EEG in epilepsy
Annika de Goede

ID 178 - Longitudinal simultaneous DBS fMRI in the rodent brain
Nathalie Van Den Berge

ID 186 - Repetition suppression in resting motor evoked potentials evidenced by increase in intracortical inhibition
Elisa Kallioniemi

ID 215 - Transcutaneous trigeminal nerve stimulation induces a long-term depression-like plasticity of the human blink reflex
Giovanna Pilurzi

ID 256 - Pinch force MVC is increased more by training when coupled with pairs of threshold TMS pulses
Atsuo Maruyama

ID 301 - Corticospinal reserve predicts walking ability in progressive multiple sclerosis
Arturo Nuara

ID 317 - On the clinical value of measuring the increase in duration of the motor evoked potential with contraction-induced facilitation
Marisa Brum

PS-02-04 Electroencephalography, epilepsy
Chairs: P. Marusič, S. Benizcky


ID 36 - Somatosensory evoked potantials in juvenile myoclonic epilepsy with tremor and essential tremor
Zeynep Aydın-Özemir

 ID 62 - Autonomic cardiac changes during temporal epilepsy: a sEEG study combined with time-frequency heart rate variability analysis
Florian Chouchou

ID 87 - Quantitative analysis of tremor and motor performance in epilepsy patients treated with various Antiepileptics
Andrea Kovács

ID 92 - Infraslow EEG activity modulates cortical excitability in postanoxic encephalopathy
Michel van Putten

ID 142 - Prospective multicenter study of an automatic detection method for burst-suppression patterns
Ana Magdalena Skupch

ID 185 - Neurophysiological features of the pathogenesis of epilepsy in elderly
Andrei Druzhinin

ID 203 - Visuo-motor connectivity in photosensitive epilepsies
Gionata Strigaro

ID 253 - Good functional outcome after prolonged postanoxic coma and myoclonic status epilepsy
Sara Yagüe Jimeno

ID 258 - Defective motor cortex plasticity in juvenile myoclonic epilepsy
Chiara Pizzamiglio

ID 294 - Clinical and electroencephalographic features of patients with symptomatic epilepsy
Vildan Yayla

ID 316 - EEG resting-state directed connectivity in temporal lobe epilepsy vs healthy controls
Ana Coito

ID 318 - Pre-ictal forceful yawning in a patient with temporal lobe epilepsy
Walid Abdellaoui

ID 332 - Possible cause of autoimmune encephalopathy in epileptic patient
Anna Laura Rassu

ID 337 - Response to clonazepam in typical absence status epilepticus
Walid Abdellaoui

ID 343 - Oral carbamazepine controlled temporal complex partial status epilepticus
Walid Abdellaoui

ID 358 - Hypermotor seizures in patients with temporal lobe epilepsy
Erhan Bilir

ID 361 - Remission of ESES after functional hemispherotomy is associated with significant language development
Gudrun Gröppel

ID 399 - Investigation of patients with hippocampal sclerosis associated with unusual epileptic foci
Ebru Nur Vanli- Yavuz

PS-02-05 Electromyography, neuromuscular
disorders I
Chairs: J. Bednařík, D. Coraci


ID 4 - EMG in differential diagnosis of lumbosacral plexopathies
Edvard Ehler

ID 9 - Agreement between clinical and neurophysiologic diagnoses of carpal tunnel syndrome
Vesna Martic

ID 18 - Electrophysiological findings in idiopathic acute polyradiculoneuritis concurrent with myasthenia gravis in a West Highland White Terrier dog
Gabriela-Dumitrita Stanciu

ID 49 - Electrophysiological tests in diagnosis of pelvic floor disorders
Hatice Tankisi

ID 181 - Does high-pass filtering proposed for concentric needle electrode recording affect the calculated neuromuscular jitter in myasthenia gravis?
Nermin Görkem Şirin

ID 184 - Effect of carpal tunnel syndrome on the ulnar nerve at the wrist: electrophysiologic and ultrasonographic studies
Seung Nam Yang

ID 209 - Uncommon variants of Myasthenia Gravis clinical onset in a large retrospective series
Miguel Angel Merino-Ramirez

ID 371 - Single Fiber EMG in patients with Myasthenia Gravis
Stanislav Vohanka

ID 446 - Fatigue in muscular dystrophy and metabolic myopathy
Corrado Angelini

October 2, 2015

PS-03-01 Neurological and psychiatric diseases II
Chairs: F. Růžička


ID 48 - Effects of elbow position on short-segment nerve conduction study of the ulnar nerve
Zhirong Jia

ID 260 - Cortical plasticity changes induced by the use of multimodal exoskeleton complex in poststroke patients
Alexandra Poydasheva

ID 262 - Small-fibre neuropathy related to bulbar and spinal-onset in patients with ALS
Silvia La Cesa

ID 281 - Impact and added value of electrodiagnosis in neuromuscular disorders
Birger Johnsen

ID 297 - Changes in finger tapping-related desynchronization during motor stroke recovery
János Körmendi

ID 322 - Familial Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. All night v-polysomnography study
Maria Concepcion Maeztu

ID 339 - Increases and decreases of power of EEG mu rhythm in patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Janez Zidar

ID 369 - The effects of chronic arsenic exposure on somatosensory pathway
Hitoshi Mochizuki

ID 375 - Abnormal recovery functions of somatosensory evoked potentials in HTLV-1–associated myelopathy
Nobuyuki Ishii

ID 428 - Effect of cognitive task on the maintaining of postural stability in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus and peripheral neuropathy
Katerina Stambolieva

ID 448 - Brain-guided therapy in post-stroke aphasia
Einat Willmott

PS-03-02 Event Related Potentials/oscillations I
Chairs: I. Riečanský, J. Kremláček


ID 44 - Comparison of P300 and MMN protocols in subthalamicus nucleus, internal globus pallidus and thalamus. Are these subcortical structures involved in thinking?
Eduard Minks

ID 112 - Both sensory and cognitive networks are affected in Parkinson's disease
Derya Durusu Emek-Savaş

ID 149 - Emotional modulation of CNV in unipolar vs bipolar depression during unconscious cue-picture association
Elena Mnatsakanian

ID 153 - Recognition of social situations in first episode schizophrenia and healthy controls: high-density ERP study
Elena Mnatsakanian

ID 218 - Dissociation of sleep quality and cognition in mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease: evidence from event-related potential study
Li-Min Liou

ID 223 - Impaired visual inhibition in migraine with aura
Giacomo Tondo

ID 252 - Auditory startle reflex (ASR) in ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke
Sara Yagüe Jimeno

ID 261 - Motor cortex plasticity after short-term piano training in adults
Elise Houdayer

ID 389 - Studies of neuronal circuits underlying information processing through late P300 event-related potentials in rats
Abdallah Ahnaou

ID 413 - Event related potential signatures of visual working memory
Igor Riečanský

ID 427 - Morphological and functional markers of visual processing in clinically isolated syndrome: correlation study
Jan Kremláček

ID 430 - The value of the P300 event related potential in the ischemic stroke
Mirjana Dejanovic

PS-03-03 Neurostimulation (invasive and non-invasive) II TES
Chairs: M. Baláž, A. Antal

ID 26 - Chronic Enhancement of Serotonin Facilitates Excitatory tDCS Induced Neuroplasticity
Hsiao-I Kuo

ID 42 - Empowering executive functions by neuromodulation (tDCS) in healthy elderly: psychometric and EEG evidences
Davide Crivelli

ID 70 - Cortical inhibition and excitation by bilateral transcranial alternating current stimulation
Andrea Cancelli

ID 75 - Personalizing the electrode to neuromodulate an extended cortical region
Andrea Cancelli

ID 163 - Prefrontal transcranial direct current stimulation in patients with disorders of consciousness - a case series study
Tihomir Ilić

ID 164 - TACS over the left dorsolateral prefrontal cortex improves hit rate, but not false alarm rate, in a spatial working memory task
Ivan Alekseichuk

ID 207 - The effects of tDCS on pain and attention in multiple sclerosis
Moussa Chalah

ID 217 - Transcranial direct current stimulation effects on the ipsilateral proximal upper limb are movement-frequency dependent
Kazumasa Uehara

ID 225 - Stimulating the operculo-insular cortex for pain modulation: crossed evidence from tdcs and intra-cranial stimulation
Claire Bradley

ID 298 - Timing –dependant effects of anodal tDCS on motor memory folowing pegboard test training
Monica Christova

ID 303 - Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) in patients with frontotemporal dementia
Alberto Priori

ID 394 - Polarity Independent Suppression of Long-Term Associative Plasticity in the Human SMA-M1 Network by Simultaneous tDCS
Hanna Faber

PS-03-04 Neurophysiological monitoring
Chair: S. Ostrý, V. Deletis


ID 50 - Targeting the pedunculopontine nucleus: SEPs can show the way
Massimiliano Valeriani

ID 84 - EEG monitoring of sleep is important in the detection of dementia-associated epilepsy
András Horváth

ID 97 - Correlations between intraoperative microelectrode recording, microstimulation and macrostimulation with optimal post-operative programming of deep brain stimulation
Victoria Fernández

ID 115 - Near infrared spectroscopy as a seizure detection technology for patients with epilepsy
Jesper Jeppesen

ID 119 - Short-latency Somatosensory Evoked Potentials to median and tibial stimulation recorded by intracerebral electrodes
Stefano Pro

ID 136 - Accidental spinal cord contusions during spine deformity surgeries
María del Mar Moreno Galera

ID 137 - Spinal cord tolerance to antero-posterior and lateral compression: experimental study
Lidia Cabañes

ID 143 - Motor mapping using high-frequency cortical stimulation & emg pickup
Terrance Darcey

ID 171 - The revised Cerebral Recovery Index: a tool for prognostication after cardiac arrest
Marjolein Admiraal

ID 219 - Characteristics of intracerebrally recorded high frequency oscillations and epileptogenic networks
Martin Pail

ID 228 - Combining evoked potentials and EEG reactivity for coma prognosis
Luis Garcia-Larrea

ID 310 - Electromyography to Protect the Facial Nerve during Minimally Invasive Cochlear Implantation
Cilgia Dür

ID 377 - Somatosensory evoked potentials as a predictor of clinical outcome after emergent recanalization of internal carotid artery occlusion
Svatopluk Ostrý

ID 400 - Prognostic value of EEG patterns in comatose patients, with minimally conscious state and vegetative state
Tinatin Kherkheulidze

ID 405 - Ultra-long term subcutaneous recording system for EEG surveillance
Jonas Duun-Henriksen

PS-03-05 Electromyography, neuromuscular disorders II
Chairs: E. Ehler, A. Fuglsang-Frederiksen


ID 55 - Sensory neuropathy in children presenting with Behr syndrome due to OPA1 mutations
Yann Pereon

ID 106 - Pathophysiological classification of polyneuropathies in different aetiologies
Hatice Tankisi

ID 113 - Neurophysiology and biopsy of paraspinal muscles in idiopathic scoliosis
Ivana Stetkarova

ID 118 - Compound nerve conduction Z scores for studies of polyneuropathy
Trond Sand

ID 154 - Post exercise decrement in CMAP amplitude and myotonia in Hyperkaliemic Periodic Paralysis
Belia García Parra

ID 168 - Source localization of ictal epileptic activity based on high density scalp EEG data
Petros Nemtsas

ID 200 - The reappearance of F-waves in patients with cervical spinal injury as the criteria of spinal shock ending
Daria Ivanova

ID 230 - Adult onset acid maltase deficiency - EMG aids diagnosis in Intensive Care Unit
Syed Hyder

ID 266 - Motor unit number estimation in acute inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy
Michael Vaeggemose

ID 271 - Acute and chronic electromyographic findings related to survival in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Birger Johnsen

ID 285 - Involvement of A-beta sensory fibres in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Baris Isak

ID 293 - Evaluation of cognitive functions, electrophysiological findings brain mr and in myotonic dystrophy type 1: Retrospective analyses
Vildan Yayla

ID 309 - Clinical, electrophyisological and serological evaluation of patients with cramp-fasciculation syndrome
Muruvvet Poyraz

ID 321 - Is intraepidermal nerve fiber density a reliable biomarker of progression in painful and painless diabetic polyneuropathy?
Josef Bednařík

ID 392 - Subclinic reinnervation in periocular muscles: high jitter values in diabetic polyneuropathy
Leyla Baysal Kirac

ID 376 - Concentric needle jitter in 57 myasthenia gravis patients
João Kouyoumdjian

October 3, 2015

PS-04-01 Neurological and psychiatric diseases III
Chair: L. Krajčovičová, I. Doležalová


ID 41 - High Reward Sensitivity as a biomarker of online gambling. A multi-method study on gambling behaviour
Roberta Finocchiaro

ID 67 - Relationship between the presence of n70 and the long-term functional outcome in postanoxic cardiac arrest
Andrea Victoria Arciniegas Villanueva

ID 114 - Progressive MCI proved with vMRI shows lower delta ERO than stable MCI at baseline: A longitudinal study
Derya Durusu Emek-Savaş

ID 128 - Effect on Seizure Frequency with Vagus Nerve Stimulation Therapy After Titration of Duty Cycle
Panayiota Myrianthopoulou

ID 170 - Differences of spontaneous nocturnal neck myoclonus during REM and NREM Sleep. Neurophysiologic assessment with video PSG
Ovidiu Constantin Banea

ID 202 - Characterising seizures in anti-NMDA-receptor encephalitis with Dynamic Causal Modelling
Gerald Cooray

ID 247 - Cortical modulation of thermal detection and pain thresholds in migraineurs
Martin Uglem

ID 284 - Abnormal delta cortical sources of resting state eyes closed EEG rhythms correlate with cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) β amyloid (Aβ) level in amnesic MCI subjects
Giuseppe Noce

ID 286 - Auditory oddball event-related potentials cortical sources are related to cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) β amyloid (Aβ) level in amnesic MCI subjects
Susanna Cordone

ID 338 - Retinal Nerve Fibre Layer loss is associated with disease progression in Multiple Sclerosis
Marco Pisa

ID 349 - Dronabinol inhibits nociceptive transmission in humans. A double blind randomized controlled study
Caterina Leone

ID 355 - Comparison of automatic and visual high frequency oscillations detection
Irena Doležalová

ID 373 - The Feedback related negativity in ADHD: A meta-analytic review
Astrid Priscilla Martinez Cedillo

ID 515 - Mood dysregulation, sex and sex hormones predict stress response circuitry deficits
Klára Marečková

PS-04-02 Event Related Potentials/oscillations II
Chairs: M. Valeriani, W. Magerl


ID 56 - Fibromyalgia and psychoacustic stimulation: an EEG study on pain modulation
Irene Venturella

ID 61 - Electrophysiological correlates of experimental pain perception
Florian Chouchou

ID 64 - Involvement of A-delta sensory fibres in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Baris Isak

ID 95 - Functional reorganization of brain networks in patients with painful chronic pancreatitis
Massimiliano Valeriani

ID 155 - CO2 versus Nd-YAP lasers: are they really the same?
Elisa Testani

ID 156 - Prolonged inhibitory effect of 1 Hz rTMS of the motor cortex on the nociceptive evoked potentials to contralateral hand stimulation
Elisa Testani

ID 212 - Neuromagnetic evidence of reduced functional connectivity of cortical somatosensory network in patients with writer's cramp
Chia-Hsiung Cheng

ID 213 - Comparative study between intra-epidermal electric stimulation and laser stimulation for C-fiber activation. Do we stimulate the same C-fibers?
Koichi Hagiwara

ID 222 - Cortical markers of pain memorisation – A study with intra-cerebral recordings in Humans
Anais Chapon

ID 226 - Inter-individual differences in laser-evoked potentials and operculo-insular morphology
Claire Bradley

ID 246 - Pain-related cortex function in patients with Alzheimer disease. Preliminary results
Giulia Di Stefano

ID 304 - A comparison of the cerebral networks activated by painful and non-painful stimulations in humans: an intra-cerebral recording study
Caroline Perchet

ID 333 - Neurophysiological responses of pain facial expressions: an intracerebral electrophysiologic study
Claire Czekala

ID 383 - On the impact of stimulus intensity on vestibular evoked potentials (VestEPs)
Matthias Ertl

ID 402 - Do cortical regions encoding pain also respond to images of other’s pain?

ID 412 - Modulation of sensorimotor oscillations during observation of pain in others
Igor Riečanský

ID 420 - Are sleep spindles inhibitory for pain? A high-density electrophysiological study
Lea Claude

PS-04-03 Neurostimulation (invasive and non-invasive) III TMS
Chairs: I. Rektorová


ID 8 - Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation in chronic anxiety and depression
Marc Capobianco

ID 23 - The effect of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation on electrophysiological parameters in patients with Parkinson's Disease
Aleksandra Kacar

ID 59 - Asymmetric changes of acoustic event-related potentials (AERP) under the influence of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation at normal subjects and patients with posttraumatic unconsciousness states (PUS)
Miroslav Kopachka

ID 109 - A data-driven method for TMS pulse artefact reduction from EEG data: ICA-D
Leo Tomasevic

ID 131 - The use of continous theta-burst repetetive transcranial magnetic stimulation in the treatment of acute ischemic stroke
Aysun Soysal

ID 134 - Transcranial magnetic Stimulation in Medication Overuse Headache: A new approach?
Jacopo Fantini

ID 190 - Treatment of depersonalization disorder with high frequency left-sided repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation
Marc Capobianco

ID 197 - Altered recovery from inhibitory repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) in subjects with photosensitive epilepsy
Tommaso Bocci

ID 211 - Can rTMS be Useful in the symptomatic treatment of cortical basal ganglionic degeneration?
Zeliha Matur

ID 232 - Assessment of the impact of segmental magnetic stimulation on different parts of the nervous system
Vera Blokhina

ID 243 - Enhancement of cortical excitability in stroke patients after combined repetitive transcranial and peripheral magnetic stimulation
Nataliia Skachkova

ID 248 - Therapeutic role of repetitive peripheral magnetic stimulation in carpal tunnel syndrome
Amira El Gohary

ID 278 - Motor cortical disinhibition is more pronounced in Progressive Supranuclear Palsy than in Parkinson's disease: evidence from TMS
Mario Fichera

ID 295 - Deep repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation with the H-coil in Alzheimer’s disease: A placebo-controlled, double-blind study
Elisabetta Coppi

ID 300 - Cortical excitability and connectivity in early RRMS using TMS-EEG
Carl Zipser

ID 314 - Dissociating arithmetic processes in the parietal cortex using repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation
Shane Fresnoza

ID 416 - Motor cortex stimulation for chronic pain relief using repetitive magnetic stimulation (rTMS): 20 Hz versus Theta-Burst, which is better?
Taïssia Odile Guylène Lelekov-Boissard

ID 510 - Routing of olfactory inputs to the brainstem raphé nucleus
Magor Lőrincz

PS-04-04 Neurophysiological signal analysis and modeling
Chairs: M. Rakusa, J. Kremláček


ID 31 - Impact of magnetoencephalography on the decision made by the Danish multidiciplinary epilepsy surgery team
Sándor Beniczky

ID 78 - A computational model of regional personalized electrodes to select transcranial electric stimulation target
Carlo Cottone

ID 104 - Speech artifacts removal from EEG recordings during overt picture naming: comparison across different methodological approaches
Camillo Porcaro

ID 117 - Effective connectivity differences between control and dyslectic children based on DBN modeling
Ilkay Ulusoy

ID 125 - Cortical brain connectivity evaluated by graph theory in dementia: a correlation study between functional and structural data
Fabrizio Vecchio

ID 126 - Cortical connectivity and lesion volumes correlation in acute stroke patients: a study via graph theory from EEG data
Fabrizio Vecchio

ID 127 - Small world characteristics of cortical connectivity in acute stroke
Pietro Caliandro

ID 129 - EEG characteristics in “eyes open” vs “eyes closed” conditions: small world network architecture in healthy aging and age-related brain degeneration
Francesca Miraglia

ID 227 - Evidence-based modelling of nociceptive laser-evoked potentials
Claire Bradley

ID 274 - Separating idea from the action: a standardized low-resolution brain electromagnetic tomography (sLORETA) study
Martin Rakusa

ID 290 - Differences in sleep microstate curves among healthy sleepers and patients after stroke
Zuzana Rostakova

ID 326 - Functional connectivity alterations and their relation to pathophysiological changes in mild cognitive impairment
Eva Bujnošková

ID 345 - “What”, “When”, “Whether” - the electrophysiological correlates of voluntary action in virtual environment
Konrad Stanek

ID 382 - Electrophysiological evaluation of emotional expressions in the facial transplantation patients
Hilmi Uysal

ID 393 - Effective connectivity model for multichannel ERPs in visual oddball paradigm
Elena Mnatsakanian

ID 431 - A novel method for the diagnosis of photosensitive epilepsy based on the phase-locking of evoked gamma-band magnetoencephalographic oscillatory brain responses
Nick Tsarouchas

PS-04-05 Electromyography, neuromuscular disorders III
Chairs: S. Voháňka, J. Partanen


ID 57 - End plate spikes or fusimotor spikes
Juhani Partanen

ID 80 - Comparison of surface recording and near nerve technique in diagnosis and localization of ulnar nerve entrapment neuropathy
Steffen Fuchs

ID 89 - Electrophysiologic changes in patients with untreated primary hypothyroidism
Demet Ilhan Algın

ID 103 - Regional differences in axonal excitability along the distal median nerve
Jong Seok Bae

ID 135 - Diagnostic yield of single fibre electromiography
María del Mar Moreno Galera

ID 165 - Evaluation of jitters from neuromuscular junction and near tendon with concentric needle electrode
Hava Ozlem Dede

ID 198 - Review of results of SFEMG performed with concentric needle in a large tertiary hospital
Roberto Sans-Boza

ID 257 - The utility of the duration of sural nerve sensory action potential in classification of polyneuropathies
Rikke Heide Rasmussen

ID 263 - Effects of short-term vibration on mixed nerve silent period
Şenay Aydın

ID 270 - Nerve ultrasound findings in cmt neuropathy
Luca Padua

ID 323 - Shortening of the cutaneous silent period duration in tibialis anterior after fatiguing eccentric exercise
Ovidiu Constantin Banea

ID 346 - Transthyretin familial amyloid polyneuropathy (TTR-FAP): efficacy of liver transplant versus tafamidis in nerve fiber function
José Castro

ID 351 - Prognostic significance of A-waves as an isolated abnormity of nerve conduction studies
Eva Vlckova

ID 397 - EMG and clinical outcome of Leechavenvong´s transfer, preliminary results
Stepanka Brusakova

ID 417 - Dysphagia in Myotonic Dystrophy type 1: preliminary results of an integrated neurophysiological and swallowing protocol
Manuela Zardoni