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Top 15 attractions to visit in Brno

Špilberk Castle
The castle was founded in the middle of 13th century by the Czech king Přemysl Otakar II. More information

Villa Tugendhat
The only examplar of Modern architecture in the Czech Republic recorded on the UNESCO List of World Cultural Heritage. More information

Mendel Museum of Masaryk University
The museum is located on the premises of an authentic Augustinian Abbey in Old Brno, the place of work of the abbot and scientist Gregor Johann Mendel.
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Leoš Janáček Memorial
The Memorial is situated in the garden house next to the Organ School, where the world famous composer lived in 1910-1928. More information

Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul (Petrov)
The Cathedral is one of the dominating features of the city of Brno. More information

Brno Architectural Trail
A guide to architecture from 1918 - 1945.
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Governor’s Palace
Thanks to its architectonic design the Governor’s Palace ranks among the most remarkable buildings in Brno.
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The Ossuary of St. James’ Church
The cemetery by St. James’ Church at the present Jakubské square was established as early as in the 13th century. More information

Capuchin Square (Kapucínské náměstí)
The small Capuchin Square offers one of the most typical and most beautiful views over the Petrov spires.
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Parnas Fountain
In the Middle Ages, stalls had already begun to be put up around the Parnassus Fountain. More information

Jurkovič House
The Jurkovič House is among the many fine examples of architecture created in Brno around the beginning of the 20th century. More information

Labyrinth under Cabbage Market
You can enjoy the unique and mysterious atmosphere of the maze of medieval corridors and cellars in the Labyrinth under Cabbage Market. More information

Church of St. John and Loreto
The Church of St. John has been an inseparable part of the city of Brno since the 13th century even if its shape was changing during centuries, especially in the Baroque period after a reconstruction made by Moric Grimm.
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Old Town Hall
The Old Town Hall is connected with many legends. One of them tells of the creator of the Gothic portal, master Anton Pilgram. More information

New Town Hall
The former Dominican monastery from its establishment in the mid 13th century served as the House of Moravian estates. More information